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Hi there! I'm Taylor.

I grew up in South Carolina near Charlotte and graduated cum laude from Clemson in 2015 with a Bachelor of Arts in both Communication Studies and Modern Languages. Since graduation, I have had the chance to work for a floral shop, a marketing firm, a Fortune 500 company, and several churches. Each season provided me new tools and skills to form me into the designer I am today. I love trying new techniques, scrolling through dribbble learning the latest trends, and, most importantly, giving my client a product they are proud to put in front of their customer.

My ability to adapt in any work environment sets me a part from other designers. When I start a job, I hit the ground running and adapt quickly to different work environments and clients. While my design style tends to be clean, vibrant, and typographically centered, I have no problem pushing my preferences aside to stick within a client’s brand and to design a product that resonates with their mission and values.

Below I have included some of my favorite projects I have had the privilege of working on. Feel free to look around and don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions you may have. Thanks for dropping by!


I have had the opportunity to create and collaborate on design projects with some very talented people. Below are some examples from my favorite projects. These projects include my work from retail, corporate, and hand-lettering design.

Previous and Current Clients

Capital Coworking - Cordoba, Argentina

Jacobsen: A Textron Company

Bear Cotton (QTI Promotions)
     Zeta Tau Alpha Sorority - Baylor University
     Kappa Chi Alpha Sorority - Baylor University
     Sing Alliance - Baylor University
     Phi Kappa Chi Fraternity - Baylor University
     Baylor Business Fellows - Baylor University
     Alpha Delta Pi - Baylor University
     Club Water Polo - Baylor University
     Freshman Class Council - Baylor University
     Catholic Student Association - Baylor University
     Baylor Women's Lacrosse - Baylor University
     Midway High School Competitive Cheer Team 
Axtell High School Competitive Cheer Team
     Alpha Chi Omega - Baylor University
     Lorena High School Cheer Team
     Keuka Arts Festival
     Vitek's - Gut Pak Run
     Zeta Zigga Zamma - Baylor University

Four Columns Marketing
     Eagle Christian Academy
     Restoration One

Baylor Flowers

Highland Baptist Church

First Baptist Church of North Augusta

     AccuRisk Solutions
Specialty Care Management